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The 10 most Instagrammable places on campus

Located in Midtown, a neighborhood nestled between Detroit’s downtown high rises and New Center, Wayne State University’s (opens new window) location provides a prime vantage point to take in the city. However, the spectacular views aren’t the only Instagrammable sights on campus. With newly renovated laboratories, century-old buildings and the designs of world famous architects, there are plenty of ’gram-worthy spots to check out. Here are 10 of our favorites.

# 10. Gullen Mall

What used to be part of Second Avenue was closed off in 1964 to create a more walkable campus, and in 1979 it was renamed Gullen Mall in honor of George E. Gullen, who served as president of Wayne State from 1972-1978. Now this mall is not only the busiest walkway, but is the perfect place to stop and snap a clear picture of what’s happening on campus. Whether you focus on the landmark Fisher Building to the north or bustling Second Avenue to the south, Gullen Mall has a perfect view to capture all the action on campus.



# 9. Linsell House

Built in 1904, the Frederick Linsell House was designed by John C. Stahl, who graduated from Central High School (aka Old Main) and later studied building and design at night school. Stahl was only 28 when he designed the house for Frederick and Rosa Linsell, and he customized it to incorporate the fine woods and Georgian style requested by residents. The house now serves as the Office of the Dean for the College of Fine, Performing and Communication Arts. Beautiful inside and out, this historic home is an architectural gem on campus.



# 8. IBio

The Integrative Biosciences Center, a $90 million facility located near TechTown, is dedicated to eliminating the many health disparities that plague the city’s residents. With 200,000 square feet of lab and clinical space, IBio fosters a collaborative approach to research. The facility, which has breathed new life to a 1927 Dalgleish Cadillac dealership designed by legendary architect Albert Kahn, features a decidedly modern aesthetic while still showcasing elements of the architect’s original design. An Insta post of this building encapsulates both the past, and the future.


# 7. College of Education (opens new window)

Constructed in 1960, the College of Education Building is the second of four buildings on Wayne State’s campus designed by the famous architect Minoru Yamasaki. The four-story building is known for its striking pointed windows, which make for an aesthetically pleasing addition to your Instagram feed.


# 6. Tierney Alumni House

The Tierney Alumni House (opens new window) was designed by architect Louis Kemper for Col. Frank J. Hecker, a man who made his fortune in the railroad business. Over the years, the structure has been home to Smiley Brothers Music Company and a law firm, and today — thanks to the donation from WSU alumnus Thomas Tierney and wife Elizabeth Carr Tierney — it serves as Wayne State’s alumni house. From the intricate woodwork inside to the large turrets outside, this urban mansion is not to be missed.


# 5. Top of Parking Structure 6.

Structure 6, which is located on the corner of Putnam and Cass, might not be what first comes to mind when you think about Instagrammable spots on campus. However, insiders will tell you that if you go all the way to the top, you'll be met with an amazing view of campus below you. This unique location provides a different angle to capture campus beauties like the Maccabees Building and Old Main.



# 4. 5057 Woodward (Maccabees Building)

Another Albert Kahn design, 5057 Woodward — aka the Maccabees Building — was built in 1927. One notable early tenant of the building was the radio and TV station WXYZ, which broadcast popular radio programs such as The Lone Ranger, Challenge of the Yukon and The Green Hornet to listeners throughout North America. After WXYZ left in the late 1950s, the Maccabees Building became the headquarters for the Detroit Public Schools until Wayne State purchased the building in 2002. This historic building is certainly Instagram worthy all by itself, but the stunning views it provides of the Detroit Public Library and the Detroit Institute of Art put this location toward the top of our list.


# 3. Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The College of Pharmacy was founded in 1924, and it later evolved into the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions. In 2001, it officially became the Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (opens new window) that we know today, and in 2002 the college moved into its new facility on Mack Avenue. Lucky for us, this five-story learning and research space stretches high enough to provide a view of the downtown skyline that’s worth sharing.


# 2. Old Main

Old Main, the “Hogwarts” of Wayne State, was originally built in 1895 as Detroit Central High School. Warriors are likely familiar with David Mackenzie, who was the high school’s principal. During his time there, Mackenzie began to introduce post-secondary classes that started the beginning of what would become Wayne State University. Whether you post a frantic selfie of your first time getting lost in the many hallways and "changing staircases," or if you share a magnificent shot of the Romanesque Revival architecture, Old Main is a crown jewel that will get you instant likes.



# 1. McGregor Memorial Conference Center

Completed in 1958, McGregor Memorial Conference Center (opens new window) is the first Yamasaki–designed building at Wayne State. Intended as “a structure that is in harmony with both man and its environment,” the center continues to be a place where students can relax or study on beautiful days. This incredible space is too good not to share on Instagram, making this spot No. 1 on our list!



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