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FestiFall 2018

# Coming to FestiFall (opens new window) after Convocation (opens new window)? Here's what you should know:

# When and what is it?

FestiFall is Tuesday, August 28 and showcases more than 500 student organizations, campus departments and learning communities to incoming students and guests. During FestiFall, students have the opportunity to meet the dean of their college or school, eat a picnic lunch, and explore WSU's learning communities.

# Dress for the weather

It's going to be hot!

# Grab the SWAG

Most tables are giving out valuable student SWAG. Come early to get the good stuff. Don't forget to search out the tables who are giving out bags, you'll need them to carry all the loot!

# Don't be shy

Everyone is here to help. If you have a question, ask.

Sharing your email address or signing up for more information is not a commitment, it just starts the conversation.

# Stop by the Social Media table

  • Take your Back-to-School pic
  • Grab your Social Media Challenge (if you choose to accept it)

Getting ready!

# Make new friends and have fun!

That is what the day is all about!