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Hiring: Student Web Intake position

The Web Assistant will report to the Web Content Administrator and will be the ‘front line’ contact for incoming Web requests through email and phone calls.

This person will take the initial request, respond and gather any additional information, complete the request (if small) or elevate it to a staff member when additional assistance is needed or is a larger request.

The position does require some existing knowledge of how the web works, basic HTML and familiarity with web-based content management systems.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • Good written and phone abilities
  • A basic understanding of HTML
  • A basic understanding of web usability
  • Comfortable editing pages in a web-based content management system
  • Experience resizing and optimizing images for the web
  • The ability to detect patterns of requests to create training material and document common responses to frequently asked questions
  • The ability to follow verbal and written directions with an eye for attention to detail

More about the position:

This is a part-time position, requiring 15-20 hours a week in the Marketing and Communications office.

The volume of requests varies per day, the average is 30-40 with most taking only a few minutes to complete.

The Web Assistant's role in a request:

A request will come into the system and depending on the detail of the request:

You may need to follow up by email or by phone with additional questions

Once all information is available:

  • Determine which page(s) need editing.
  • Determine how these pages get edited (there may be multiple systems involved), which may require asking some questions internally about the page setup.
  • Ensure the primary contact is looped in on all changes.
  • Facilitate necessary changes (May take a few minutes to a few hours)
  • Gathering follow up questions/answers
  • After completion, follow up to let the requestor know the change has been completed.
  • While completing requests it will also be required to document common responses for consistency and to speed up future requests. It will also be required to work closely with the Web Communications team.

How to apply

If this sounds like you, email your resume and a cover letter to web@wayne.edu with the subject “Interested in the Web Assistant position”.