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Welcome Hassan Bazzi! Our new full-time Web Developer

After an extensive search we are proud to announce Hassan Bazzi (opens new window) as our newest full-time Web Developer! Hassan comes to us from a local agency where he did end-to-end client website development. In addition to his agency work he also did freelance work on the side. His work experience has ranged from simple mobile projects to complete eCommerce systems with massive amounts of traffic.

# The right fit

Finding the best fit for a position is hard, the requirements for every position are shifting every day as the Web advances and more is being demanded. Our students expect the university to stay on top of technologies, services, and more, to give them the best experience possible. The only way to achieve this is to find someone hungry to learn and make change.

Hassan personifies the drive to get things done and absorb every bit of knowledge possible in the process. In the fast-paced environment we work in every one of us has dozens of competing priorities, and short and long term initiatives that can impact individual students every day and their success long term.

# Connect

I have a feeling you'll be seeing the impact Hassan is making pretty quickly. Follow him at @habazzi (opens new window) and on this blog.