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Sending an HTML email with Wayne Connect

Wayne Connect was updated on Oct. 21 (opens new window) by Computing & Information Technology (opens new window) (C&IT) to version 7 of Zimbra, to bring you the latest features (opens new window).

With the upgrade, the old method of using the documents copy/paste method is now obsolete. Below is the new method to send an HTML email from Wayne Connect (opens new window), using our CMS email manager (opens new window):

# Step 1:

Once you have finalized and reviewed your HTML Email inside the CMS email manager (opens new window), click the "View Preview" button in the lower-right area in edit mode to bring up the "Preview Screen."

(opens new window)

# Step 2:

Once in "Preview Mode" make sure all the users with access, including yourself, have approved the final HTML email in order to view it.

(opens new window)

# Step 3:

Once approved, right click and do a "Select All" in the area next to the content body, within the preview box. (If "Select All" is not available in your browser with "Right Click", you can alternatively use the keyboard shortcut combination of "Control A" keys after clicking next to the content body.)

(opens new window)

# Step 4:

Once everything is selected, right click again and "Copy."

(opens new window)

# Step 5:

Go to https://connect.wayne.edu (opens new window) and log in. Make sure your under the "Mail" tab and hit "New."

(opens new window)

# Step 6:

Make sure under "Options" your preference is set to "Format to HTML."

(opens new window)

# Step 7:

Right click in the body/text area and hit "Paste."

(opens new window)

# Step 8:

You should now see your HTML Email in graphic format with the header and footer.  Enter the email/Listerv address in the "To:" field and a Subject in the "Subject:" field.  Always TEST Your Email Before sending the final!

(opens new window)

# Other Tips:

We have had the best success with using the Firefox browser, when sending out HTML emails via Wayne Connect.

TEST, TEST, TEST!  Always perform a quick test email to yourself and inspect it before sending the final.